A large update has been released for Cyborg Arena 2, formerly known as Cyborg Arena UE4, the sequel of Cyborg Arena !

It includes the release of many new missions set in new environments and more variety of cyborgs to fight!

4 kind of cyborgs are now present in the game to fight ! The Mega CyborgStrong CyborgMedium Cyborg and Zombie Cyborg !

Among the missions which were available in the first release (Cyborg Wasteland and Forest), 4 new environments were added !


A semi arid desert with canyons and abandoned wooden shacks surrounded by cyborgs fortifications all along the path which goes to the only motorway!


A tropical small village made of makeshift materials with cyborg fortifications all around to destroy.


A small abandoned town covered with vegetation and surrounded by a dense forest populated of cyborgs and cyborg antennas.


A small town consisting of gas station, a motel and caravans on an arid desert connected with roads coming from various sides with cyborgs camps all around.


A large country side place made of forest and plains with occasional farms and cyborgs installations hidden all around.


A vast mountain desert with series of cyborgs fortified lines and antennas to assault and destroy!

A new trailer has been released to showcase the new content !

This content has been added to the current release and is now available!

I hope you enjoyed this news!