Following the upcoming release of Cyborg Arena UE4, the sequel of Cyborg Arena made with Unreal Engine 4.

A major update has been done to the game !

In an attempt to improve the gameplay, graphics and all other parts of the game since its release in 2017, a major update has been released to the game.

You can find the change log here.


  • Major redesign of the adventure map.
  • Redesigning of the menu.
  • Removed some intro cinematic in the adventure map.
  • Changed the buggy with a protected armored car.
  • Changed roads and access through the mountains.
  • Added firing effects with cyborgs firing fast projectiles which can be seen and dodged instead of classic and hard to cover instant hits.
  • Improved collision detection system from cyborgs projectiles to be able to take cover from cyborgs fire.
  • Redesigning of cyborgs defense lines and assault waves.
  • Redesigning of the graphics to have a more brighter and clean lighting with maps set during day light instead of dark foggy night.
  • Optimization for the landscapes and graphics.
  • Changed and simplified the ambient music.
  • Changed the classic med kit system to a health regenerating system.
  • Redesigned the in-game HUD to improve immersion in the game.
  • Added more indications messages on the screen.
  • Improved and relocated ammunition stocks on the adventure map with more visual indications to find them and in better strategic places.
  • Removed the sprint limit to be able to run faster without limit.
  • Remade the scoring system to focus on cyborgs kills count.
  • Remade the trailer and screenshots.
  • Updated the store page with the changes.
  • Added library graphics assets in Steamworks.
  • Redesigned the game icon.
  • Removed some BIK launching videos to make the game installation files lighter.
  • Redesigned the arena mode to be able to complete it after clearing the arena from all cyborgs.
  • Lowered the sound volume of weapons SFX which were too louder.
  • Remade the ending of the game.
  • Improved the driving of vehicle.
  • Relocated the different vehicles spawn points with driveable and non driveable areas.
  • Reworked the arena maps.
  • Readjusted the kill all cyborgs achievement to sync with the new update.
  • Fixed the sound issue when replenishing ammo.
  • Ammo replenishment will now also automatically fulfill the ammo inside the weapon clip.

The game will continue to receive additional update !

I hope you will like it now !